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 Back on Earth after Hurricane Sandy and I'm finally back on track. (we were out of power, but not powerless, but it was for several days). I'm looking forward to playing with John Castleman and Mark Tonelli again as we play for dinner and later at one of my 'ol favorites- Ruben's in Peekskill this Thursday, 11/8 at 6:00PM. With another storm (although not the same magnitude) on the way, I hope the timing will be perfect to hang and play before a very friendly audience.

 After that, it's to Cleopatra's Needle in NYC as part of a Quartet on November 30, then more bookings as 2012 winds down. 

 2013 looks to be fantastic as this will be a turning point, providing me with more time to play, enjoy, and book more shows. More on that later. I look forward to my radius getting much bigger then. In the meantime, I enjoy those special moments when I just know we all hit it. 'Know what I mean?

 I hope everyone's life is getting better here on the East Coast after the storm. In my experience, events like these either bring out the best or the worst in people and I have seen people really pull together once again (how 'bout those human's huh?). NYC's crime rate actually went down during the storm's main impact. Most importantly, I hope that everyone is safe and getting the care that they need.

Please take care of each other and see you at the shows!